Helpful hints

Helpful Hints for Players

Unlike many sports, golf is mostly played without supervision of a referee or umpire.  The game relies on the individual to show consideration for others and abide by the Rules of Golf.  Things to keep in mind:


  • Be careful when taking swings that no one is standing close by
  • Don’t hit until the players in front are out of range
  • If your ball is in danger of hitting someone, immediately shout the traditional word of warning – FORE

Consideration of Other Players      

  • Don’t disturb other players' play by moving or talking
  • Please ensure that phones are in silent mode
  • Don’t stand too close to other players when they are taking their shot
  • On the putting green, don’t stand on another player’s line of putt, or cast a shadow over their line
  • Remain on or near the green until all players in the group have holed out
  • Place the flagstick in the hole before players leave the putting green

Pace of Play

  • Play at a good pace and keep up!  
  • Please take a maximum of 10 strokes in order to keep pace, picking up the ball when appropriate.  EXAMPLE: If you already have 8 strokes and you are still 3-4 shots from the hole, pick up your ball and record a 10 for your score. THIS WILL HELP SPEED UP PLAY.
  • Keep up with the group in front of you.  If you fall behind, pick up and catch up with the group in front of you.
  • Players should BE READY to play as soon as it is their turn.  Have your club out and move to your ball as quickly as possible.
  • When the hole is completed, exit the putting green immediately.

Lost Ball

  • If you believe the ball may be lost in a water hazard or is out of bounds, play a provisional ball.  
  • The maximum time to look for a lost ball is 5 minutes.

Care of the Course

  • Bunkers. Before leaving a bunker, carefully rake and smooth over all holes and footprints.  
  • Repair of Divots and Ball Marks.  Carefully repair any divots you make, and any damage to the putting green made by the impact of a ball, whether or not it was made by you.   
  • Preventing Unnecessary Damage.  A

    void causing damage to the course such as:
    • Creating divots during practice swings, or by hitting the head of a club into the ground  
    • Damaging the putting green when putting down bags, clubs, or the flagstick   
    • Damaging the hole when handling the flagstick or when removing a ball from the hole
    • Leaning on your club when on the putting green, particularly when removing the ball from the hole

Here is a great website where you can view animated explanation of these and other tips:

Happy golfing!