League Play Etiquette

League Play Etiquette

League Play Etiquette 

  • Please be sure to register by the League Play deadline (midnight the Sunday before).  It is very difficult to formulate a playing field with last minute requests or changes.  
  • Call the League Play Coordinators on the day of the event only if you have an emergency and cannot play. The Coordinators have provided personal phone numbers, so please place calls between the hours of 9am - 5pm only. Use e-mail for questions or concerns that are not an emergency.
  • Please do not call the League Play Coordinators to ask if you have already paid - remember to note this on your calendar when you sign up for an event. Unsure whether or not you did?  Check your status by going online and clicking the Register button for the event.  You will be able to see the list of players who have signed up.  If your name is on the list, you've paid.   


  • According to USGA Rule 8.1, During a Stipulated Round (playing holes of the course in their correct sequence), a player must not: a) give advice to anyone in the competition playing on the course other than his partner, or b) ask for advice from anyone other than his partner or either of their caddies.  
  • Unless solicited, please DO NOT give advice. Each player needs to develop their own game and concentrate on what they feel they want to work on to become a better golfer. Too many tips can be overwhelming and confusing.  Please play your game and let the members of your foursome play theirs.  HOWEVER, many of us are still learning. If you want help or advice, please feel free to ask specific questions of your playing partners – they may be able to help!

Pick up After 10 

  • We ask Members to be courteous and pick up after 10 strokes to help maintain the speed of play and not unduly slow play for those following your group.
  • Remember - if you do not finish a hole, mark your scorecard with an "X" before your score (for example, X10).  If you have more than two "X's" for 9 holes on your card, you may not post that particular score for handicap purposes.